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WHOLESALE. To sell by wholesale, is to sell by large parcels, generally in original packages, and not by retail. (q.v.)

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State and metro area highlights for the Geographic Area Series for the wholesale trade sector include:
According to the report released today, wholesale trade in November increased by 14.
In a second report, Statscan said wholesale trade fell by 0.
The number of wholesale trade workers fell from 270A 286 in 2010 to 169A 795 in 2012, according to BIA statistics, as cited by investor.
0 percent), followed by retail and wholesale trade (24.
The turnover value index of wholesale trade except motor vehicles and motorcycles for January-December 2009 recorded a decrease of 13.
To learn more, see "Productivity and Costs by Industry: Wholesale Trade, Retail Trade, and Food Services and Drinking Places, 2006," news release USDL 07-1321.
The 2002 NAICS definition represents a major change from the 1997 definition for the wholesale trade sector.
The dates of the release of these indicators and the latest month covered are as follows: manufacturers' durable goods shipments, inventories, and orders (May 25 with advance data for April); manufacturers' shipments, inventories, and orders (June 5 with data for April nondurable goods and revised durable goods data); retail sales and inventories (June 13 with sales data for May and June 14 with inventory data for April); monthly wholesale trade sales and inventories (June 7 with sales and inventory data for April); and manufacturing and trade sales and inventories (June 14 with data for April).
The IBISWorld Wholesale Trade in Australia overview report is an in depth study containing statistics, trends, forecasts and competitor information.
Census Bureau recently released a collection of statistics on the wholesale trade sector of the economy, completing the 2012 Economic Census Industry Series, beginning the 2012 Economic Census Geographic Area Series, and releasing the 2013 Annual Wholesale Trade Report.
After seasonal adjustment, the metals, timber & construction materials industry reported a decline in domestic wholesale trade (-15.