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The tone of the novel is wholesomely earnest, peppered with a dash of old-school mischief and fun.
I have assisted Claude before in making his sisig and fully agree that keeping the sisig simple by just chopping the head off to enjoy the different textures of crisp and gelatinous skin, with the smokey nuances of this dish is what makes it so wholesomely a winner and now an accepted national Filipino dish.
protect those Americans who have honestly, wholesomely and unselfishly tried to perfect this country and make the guarantees in our Constitution live.
accept this concept of time wholesomely Devi's dedication of the
The longer I continue to shun my former ways and eat wholesomely and cleanly, the stronger, more energetic and healthier I feel even as I age into my mid-40s.
Frost/Nixon cuts back and forth between these two stylistic extremes, never quite deciding if it's Harold Pinter or Busby Berkeley, but in the end confirming Howard's reputation for artfully manipulated a historical drama, casting one wholesomely heroic figure (one thinks of the young Howard himself) against a loathsome villain.
The brunt of their ire is being wholesomely directed at the fundamentalist Jamt-e-Islami and its student wing, the Islami Chhatra Shibir.
They are at once instantly familiar yet perfectly fresh, wholesomely boisterous and awkwardly idiosyncratic.
Despite contemporary anti-austerity resistance, the 2011 London riots, and the difficult realities of 'home-front' struggle, this counterfactual nostalgia allowed Britain's (but specifically England's) streets to appear as wholesomely supportive of the state and its dignitaries.
So wholesomely united is this town that the one attempt to open a categorically "gay bar" (the Dive Bar and Grill) petered out.
Wholesomely proportioned at 5 feet 11 inches and with a 36-25-34 figure, Upton was a long way from the coolly robotic Eastern European beauty ideal that has dominated the catwalks for many seasons.
I remarked to him that when people say things of that kind, they rather imply that they are standing back, wholesomely detached, noticing the "theories" whizzing past them.