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Toppings should generally have no redeeming value as to health or wholesomeness.
However, The Blind Side wears its heart on its shoulder padding for the entire 128 minutes and eventually, the gosh darn wholesomeness of the characters, pulling together for a common cause, wins us over.
One hopes the children involved never get to see a film of which Ms Lynch incredulously says: 'There is goodness and wholesomeness in it'.
wholesomeness," said Tim Wildmon, president of the Tupelo, Miss.
The internet can also be viewed as a Cellar Of Sin - hiding underneath a veneer of wholesomeness.
Fish and chips suggests wholesomeness, freshness, good taste and few pints of real, dark beer.
Jeffrey Dahmer was also a gay murderer--can I expect to see this glowing example of homosexual wholesomeness on your next cover, touted as an "icon," for God's sake?
in order to prevent blemishes that have nothing to do with the wholesomeness of the fruit.
Vanessa stars as brainy Gabriella in the popular High School Musical movie, which has been credited with making wholesomeness fashionable again.
It's about respect, civility, and just plain wholesomeness.
I welcome this opportunity for scientific exchanges with our European colleagues, exchanges that will be focused on ensuring the safety and wholesomeness of food, a major area of responsibility of our agency.
The Superfruit Combo has these ingredients with the added wholesomeness of blueberries and pomegranate.