wholly inadequate

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This assessment will follow the inescapable formula for reviewing an anthology: a capsule description of the central purpose, a wholly inadequate sketch of the separate contributions, a reluctant, head-shaking pronouncement that the lot is both "uneven" and not as coherent as might be, a few quick summary judgements, a concluding wish for what-might-have-been.
The American Barrick offer is wholly inadequate and does not come close to reflecting the true value of Lac's assets and their growth potential.
00 by the majority shareholder, Chairman and CEO, Mossimo Giannulli, is wholly inadequate, particularly in view of the reports of the recent independent third-party offer.
We train these young men to be killers and then turn them loose into society with wholly inadequate preparation.
She said: "The telephone conversation was wholly inadequate.
However, it seems a little rich that politicians and the United Nations have labelled the aid efforts as wholly inadequate.
Not only were they sent out on patrol in a wholly inadequate mobile coffin but, according to one witness, without any formal training on how to use the detector they had.
I wholeheartedly agree with the victims that the sentence of four years jail, considering there had been previous terrorising of elderly women, was wholly inadequate.
The response of Liverpool City Council to the question of how to marry regeneration and heritage has, so far, been wholly inadequate.
The Prime Minister's response was wholly inadequate, as can be seen by the disclosure today that only two schools in Birmingham have taken up the offer of running personal finance courses.
He said: 'My powers are limited as they are to six months, wholly inadequate to do justice.
As Franke rightly remarks, Foucault's theory is wholly inadequate to explain these developments.