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AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE: Catering student Martin Hodgson with his whopping Wahoo - a snub-nosed swordfish from the Indian Ocean
We pay a whopping $2,405 every time the ARC-220 HF radio control head, NSN 5821-01-413-4243, gets damaged.
Canon expects worldwide sales of digital video cameras to reach a whopping 10 million units this year.
Board chairs who were previously CEOs earn a whopping 302 percent of what regular board members are paid in total compensation, including stock.
Records over PR Newswire, we are advised by the company that the subhead of the release should be disregarded and the first paragraph, third sentence should read "In addition, "Cry" has sold a whopping 472,000 copies in just its first week.
Pertinent Data: The RV-C offers high torsional rigidity and an overload torque capacity, which is a whopping 500% of rated torque.
They boosted their television advertising by a whopping 70 percent in 1999 to $1.
A whopping jump in Latin American sales got the phone-maker off to a 2000 Analysts expect the switchboard to light up as wireless Internet penetration kicks in.
While the online sales component may seem minuscule, it actually accounted for a whopping $1.
James McFarland, assistant manager at Gerry Cosby's, a sporting-goods store outside Madison Square Garden, said it has sold a whopping 36 dozen towels over the past three weeks.
4 million by the end of 2000--and to a whopping 16.