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Microscopically, a whorled onionskin fibrosis surrounded the small blood vessels (figure 2).
The spindle cells tend to condense around blood vessels to form whorled, perivascular cuffs.
Macroscopically, renal leiomyoma is a solid, well-circumscribed, encapsulated mass with a whorled surface.
The most characteristic feature is the arrangement of spindle cells in a whorled or cartwheel pattern.
Always use native plants in ponds - rigid hornwort and whorled water-milfoil are recommended.
There were multiple intramural, tan-white, whorled, well-circumscribed nodules, ranging up to 2.
The simple odontogenic fibroma composed of stellate fibroblasts, in a whorled pattern mixed into a back ground of ground substance with or without odontogenic rests.
They would lie underneath, looking up at his whorled underbelly, the delicate pads of his feet, his tiny, penile tail.
The cut surface reveals a firm, white to tan mass with a whorled appearance, which can mimic leiomyoma or leiomyosarcoma, especially when presenting in the uterus of an adult female.
y Cae Blaen-dyffn rynf is home to whorled caraway and thousands of lesser butterfly-orchids.
Foraging in roots, in labyrinths where trees spoke scraping each other in wind I never thought of myself as separate from my skin, without whorled fingertips, without lips.