wide currency

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On the macro side, massive monetary easing, wide currency fluctuations, or muted inflation have helped depress volumes across all asset classes.
As reports of official influence-peddling and voter registration card floating freely all over the land are already in wide currency, there is every possibility that results would be questioned strongly and challenged by the defeated candidates, even if a candidate other than Rassoul romps home.
And labeling this volunteer movement [a terrorist] organization, which recently gained wide currency, raises concern that the issue is not confined to "dershanes.
Though largely forgotten today, his works enjoyed wide currency during his lifetime and were frequently performed in homes and on the stage.
The piece explains to its physician audience that there are five myths of medical malpractice that have wide currency in medical circles: Malpractice crises are caused by spikes in medical malpractice litigation (i.
Saima carried out path breaking research on efficiency wages and non-monetary motivational strategies using the tools of 'experimental economics', an emerging field in economics that is rapidly gaining wide currency.
Vietnamese studies these days do not enjoy a very wide currency.
What is taking shape now is nothing less than a "New World Financial Order," a term that has been in wide currency since the onset late last year of the global financial crisis (in October 2008, for example, world leaders used the term before convening in New York City to address the crisis).
This interpretation has gained wide currency in many circles, but it perhaps is most visibly identified with modern Roman Catholic thought as it has developed since the US Catholic bishops issued their document, "The Challenge of Peace," in the 1980s.
The government allowed this understanding to be given wide currency.
His songs achieved very wide currency, both within the folk revival and beyond, their appeal deriving from the direct experience and observation of a man who, in his own words, 'spent more time under the waves' than most had on top of them.
Fashionable categories used in serious and provocative scholarship, their wide currency owes too much to their indeterminacy.