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Most recently, Ray had experienced a wide-awake throat surgery, which resulted in a significant return of his vocal capability.
Ask if you can have a laparoscopy under epidural anaesthetic, that way you'll be wide-awake.
I wanted twins,'' said their father, Jose Alfredo Herrera, 23, as he cradled a wide-awake and hungry Frankye.
From this perspective, being a "dreamer" (a highly respected function, by the way) not only means that you are active in your sleep dreams and remember them, but that you can embark on wide-awake conscious dream journeys and that you are constantly alert to the dreamlike play of symbols and synchronicities in everyday life.
The laughable consists of a certain mechanical inelasticity," observed French philosopher Henri Bergson, "just where one would expect to find the wide-awake adaptability of a human being.
is just the ticket to the wide-awake paradise that we've been waiting for.
But a sleep-deprived Almodovar still makes for a more musing interview than most wide-awake Hollywood types.
So far, all Bush and Blair have achieved by poking the sleeping snake of Iraq is to provokethe wide-awake cobra of North Korea into threatening to use its very real weapons of mass destruction.
Little Monsters, Perfect Prudence, Silly Sydney, Dangerous Dave, Serious Sadie, Forgetful Fiona, TV Trevor, Wide-awake Wesley, Grown-up Gabby and Revolting Ronnie are all up to mischief at McDonald's.

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