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WIDE-AWAKE Mikko Ilonen secured his first European Tour win for six years - and put it down to a good night's sleep.
Most recently, Ray had experienced a wide-awake throat surgery, which resulted in a significant return of his vocal capability.
Ask if you can have a laparoscopy under epidural anaesthetic, that way you'll be wide-awake.
I wanted twins,'' said their father, Jose Alfredo Herrera, 23, as he cradled a wide-awake and hungry Frankye.
From this perspective, being a "dreamer" (a highly respected function, by the way) not only means that you are active in your sleep dreams and remember them, but that you can embark on wide-awake conscious dream journeys and that you are constantly alert to the dreamlike play of symbols and synchronicities in everyday life.
The laughable consists of a certain mechanical inelasticity," observed French philosopher Henri Bergson, "just where one would expect to find the wide-awake adaptability of a human being.
49 for 100g - it's got a real kick for those who love the taste of coffee but don't want that wide-awake feeling.
is just the ticket to the wide-awake paradise that we've been waiting for.
But a sleep-deprived Almodovar still makes for a more musing interview than most wide-awake Hollywood types.

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