widely accepted

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Pipebursting has become a widely accepted pipe replacement technology in the U.
Their occupational health and safety standards have been so widely accepted internationally that Canadian mining contractors and suppliers tried through NORCAT have easy access to most mining jurisdictions.
controversial: (A) exciting; (B) in dispute; (C) welcome; (A) widely accepted
Denouncing widely accepted principles in favor of lifestyle changes especially tailored for optimum heart health, The Doctor's Heart Cure offers a refreshing counter-point view and is especially recommended for those with a heart at risk seeking to gather all the information they can on their own in addition to consulting with a physician in person.
According to the most widely accepted scenario, a Mars-size rock slammed into the Earth 4.
X-ray testing of tires is said to be the most widely accepted and proven quality control method available today.
The most widely accepted belief: "Humans have built-in social instincts to do things as a group," says Robert Provine, a psychologist at the University of Maryland.
Built on the foundation of COSO's Internal Control--Integrated Framework, being used by many American businesses to comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act requirements, this new framework is expected to be widely accepted as the benchmark for dealing with business risk.
Kubler-Ross's observations have become more widely accepted than they were in the 1970s.
I stated, for example, that the basic mechanism of the emergence of human immunodeficiency virus "is still unproven," that "there is some evidence" for Salmonella drug resistance being acquired from fish farms in Asia, that the widely accepted belief that mad cow disease originated from scrapie in sheep is "still just a hypothesis," and that "perhaps" an infected person first introduced West Nile virus into the United States.
The BDTI Benchmarks are a widely accepted means of measuring processor performance for digital signal processing (DSP) applications such as communication and audio-video equipment.