widely known

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It was slight and graceful rather, I fancy, and if he had lived it might not have sufficed to make him widely known, but he had a real and a very delicate sense of beauty in literature, and I believe it was through sympathy with his preferences that I came into appreciation of several authors whom I had not known, or had not cared for before.
Nay, he made this foil of his so very widely known, that third parties took it up, and handled it on some occasions with considerable briskness.
This is the grave of Abelard and Heloise--a grave which has been more revered, more widely known, more written and sung about and wept over, for seven hundred years, than any other in Christendom save only that of the Saviour.
And through her sympathy with Bell and his ambitions, she led her father--a widely known Boston lawyer named Gardiner G.
From that time until now I have been called "Frederick Douglass;" and as I am more widely known by that name than by either of the others, I shall continue to use it as my own.
They were respectable persons, well and widely known in that part of Hampshire.
Shyness and timidity had brought the color to a face which had nothing very remarkable about it save a certain flatness of feature which called to mind the Cossack and Russian countenances that since the disasters of 1814 have unfortunately come to be so widely known in France.
It was a song widely known in the days of yore, a ballad of love and sorrow that once had served to stir a national hatred of France for England.
Tis widely known that insects sting And humans suffer burning pain.
Summary: Iraq has executed Ali Hassan al-Majeed, the Saddam Hussein henchman widely known as "Chemical Ali", for crimes against humanity.
The San Francisco-based 9th Circuit Court has become widely known as the "9th Circus Court" because of its activist judges.
This unusual and detailed encyclopedia reviews the widely known constellations and locates stars relative to Earth and the celestial sphere.