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She looked up with a sudden rush of delight, and in looking at Terence with eyes widened by pleasure she was struck by the change that had come over the sky behind them.
The stream soon widened, and recurring areas of phosphorescent rock lighted my way.
Locals fear that if the road is not widened, rescue operations during emergencies like fire or earthquake will be seriously hampered because fire fighters will not be able to reach the spot through the narrow roads.
Widen the southbound off-ramp will be widened to provide two left-turn lanes.
The trade in goods deficit - the difference between goods exported and imported - widened to pounds 8.
Britain's goods trade deficit with the rest of the world unexpectedly widened to a record high in July after imports of chemicals and oil surged and exports fell, data showed on Thursday.
In the broad market, debt spreads widened modestly, reversing some of last Wednesday's move amid caution in global equity markets and as sentiment remained fragile.
The eastbound freeway will be widened from Tapo Canyon Road to Kuehner Drive starting next month.
Instead, the M6 will be widened by one lane in each direction, he said.
The 10-mile section from the M25 to Luton will be widened to four lanes both ways.
To overcome this, the M62 should remain at three lanes over this junction, and widen to five lanes to accommodate the M6 traffic up to Junction 11, then widened to four lanes all the way to the M60 at Barton.
For many groups, the digital divide has widened as the information 'haves' outpace the 'have nots' in gaining access to electronic resources," it said.