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It became a pendulum, swinging wider and wider with every lunge of his weight.
The unfortunate Kit looked at his young mistress harder and harder, and with eyes growing wider and wider, but was perfectly motionless and silent.
How will a whole host of social policies, planning, culture, and our relationships with the wider environment be affected by a combined authority?
Despite having worked for years with clients who felt stifled by hyper-masculine stereotypes, Wider was shocked when her own son came home from preschool one day and announced that "boys aren't supposed to cry.
The roof, doors, rear fenders and trunk lid are unique to the Coupe, along with a specific front fascia and front fenders to accommodate the wider track.
Assisting this increased growth is the wider distribution of fruit and vegetables from convenience outlets," he explained.
But, from April, those needing a wider plot will be charged pounds 194 - an extra pounds 75.
Despite that, the half-yearly decline has been lower than in the wider market, with the number of buy-to-let loans in the first half of 2008 decreasing by 18% from the second half of 2007, while the number of house purchase and re-mortgage loans in the wider market decreased by 28%.
Separately packing the springs and shocks in the rear increased rear compartment room, as did the wider and less convoluted load floor.
Along with partner Robert Stiller--who now owns Green Mountain Coffee based in the UK--Rubin set up the e-z wider company in 1978 and grossed over $7 million in sales.
The Baker case makes a good story but more could have been said to establish the wider case put so much more powerfully by Thomas Hardy in Tess of the d'Urbervilles.
The convention considered a resolution asking diocese to exercise caution when considering a "candidate to the episcopate whose manner of life presents a challenge to the wider church.