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SUPER LEAGUE WINS SALFORD 7 WIDNES 4 Salford highest score: 38-18 (A, 2012, also widest margin); Widnes highest score: 58-24 (H, 2013, Widest margin, 46-8, A, 2012)
3 Next, determine where the arch of the brow should be by angling the pencil from the widest part of your nose through the iris of your eye.
Vietnam's credit default swaps (CDS) hit their widest in 11 months on concerns about the country's balance of payments after the IMF warned foreign reserves covered only seven weeks of imports.
Women in the North East have some of the widest waistlines in the country, according to a new survey.
LG's 2005 line-up of audio/video products are designed to create a complete entertainment experience that enables users to enjoy the widest variety of digital media formats.
Since the adoption of the assembly line almost a century ago, auto manufacturers have constantly searched for ways to increase manufacturing efficiencies by maximizing the use of common components, common procedures or common designs, and still offer the widest possible range of products.
a manufacturer of data storage solutions offering the industry's widest selection of Fibre Channel, SCSI and SATA storage systems, has introduced its new Fortra(R) DataMover, a management tool featuring an intuitive GUI that unifies SAN and NAS while providing rich functionality that includes thin provisioning, instantaneous snapshots of blocks and files, block and file replication, advanced SNMP notification and scheduling to the minute.
Continental's BusinessFirst section provides the widest seals at 56 centimeters.
Sometimes thoroughbreds find their potential in a flash, and that's what seemed to happen with Ruler's Court, who won the $250,000 Norfolk Stakes by a race-record 14 lengths - believed to be the widest victory margin at the stakes level on the local circuit since Akinemod's 18-length romp in the 1990 El Encino.
The Tatara Subscriber Gateway supports the widest variety of standard authentication protocols using patented methods guaranteeing end user and service provider credential security.
It offers the widest coverage in terms of architecture, including x86, Itanium, PowerPC, SPARC and appliances such as Sun Cobalt servers.