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The measurements were performed by placing the cast on a flat surface and a grid lines are drawn for the perceived width of the six anterior teeth (Fig 1) and measured using Fowler electronic digital caliper, the accuracy of the measurements was set at 0.
Key Words: Crown length, crown width, ideal tooth dimensions, maxillary anterior teeth.
While maximum total variation across width is common, the most predictive of some defects is the maximum station-to-station variation across width.
Clapp and Tench published that the distal surfaces of the maxillary canines should be located at the commissural of the mouth, but Al Wazzan and colleagues found no correlation between the width of the mouth and the mesiodistal width of the upper anterior teeth.
a model function that computes the expected image for a given set of parameters that describe the state of the instrument and the width and shape of the line,
W&H recently introduced the Soloflex 8L, suitable for web widths to 33.
The absorbent body defines an absorbent body length and a first opening the first opening having an opening length that is at least 50% the absorbent body length, the first opening defining, a first longitudinal centerline and a first lateral centerline, an anterior portion having a median anterior portion width, a posterior portion having a median posterior portion width, and a central portion positioned between the anterior portion and the posterior portion and having a median central portion width, wherein the median anterior portion width is greater than the median central portion width and the median central portion width is greater than the median posterior portion width.
The OptiConcept paper machine has a wire width of 11.
The head distributes the compound as evenly as possible to the required width, and conveys it to the calender nip as e.