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Width of the coracoid immediately caudal to the articular surface with the humerus (distance between points 5 and 6, Fig 2).
The company says that motorization and automation of the process of changing width enable return to exactly the same deckle settings every time a particular product is run.
We also have to allow for the fact that the radiative partial width amplitudes are, in principle, complex [10].
Reconstruction time can be kept to a minimum using small capacity drives and small stripe widths of three to four drives; the former requires more drives for data and parity; the latter requires more drives for parity.
The problem grows even larger when relative priorities for each rip width are considered.
The primary use of these sensors is in the preparation side of the plant, such as tire tread extrusion width and profile monitoring, tire building and measurement of calendered rubber.
PM 62 has a trim width of 8900 mm, a design speed of 2000 meters/min, and a production rate of 300,000 metric tons/yr of paper from 100% recovered paper.
Channel width for the unwrapped barrier charts is measured perpendicular to the flight, not circumferentially.
The caster's slab width capacity was increased to 62 inches through the installation of new on-line width-adjustable molds.
Production Availability of JM2020 Makes Sub-Ranging Pulse Width Modulation Technology a Reality for Consumer Electronics