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Recently introduced with 10 specifications, including semi-gloss, cast gloss and matte litho papers, MDO and BOPP films, along with laser film products, Fasson Ready Width fills the demand for smaller volume specialty items in narrow width configurations.
where [GAMMA] is the average width of resonances and D is the typical spacing between J = 1 resonances, and the following order of magnitude estimates apply: [a.
In addition to the larger width of the drum magnets, Eriez recommended additional customization, as well, Gedgaudas says.
The few wide width models available are made with an extra-wide upper on a regular-width bottom or outsole.
This operation is dependent on individual drive capacity, formatted transfer rate, and stripe width (the number of drives in the stripe) and can take many hours to perform.
Channel width for the unwrapped barrier charts is measured perpendicular to the flight, not circumferentially.
The GRADS system requires the user to supply a cutting bill which consists of up to eight rip widths and the board footage required in each width.
This skiver is said to be the first that can utilize two winders and a slitter for skiving film rolls of two different widths simultaneously.
Algorithm and system designers need to specify bit widths to create bit-accurate models used for system and algorithm validation.
The On-Line Profilometer is available in three standard widths, including 300 mm, 450 mm and 600 mm.
NIST scientists are implementing a scheme to make distinctions that are based upon matching measured images to a library of images corresponding, as determined by Monte Carlo model calculations, for a variety of line shapes and widths.