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The next few days Tarzan devoted to the weaving of a barkcloth sail with which to equip the canoe, for he despaired of being able to teach the apes to wield the paddles, though he did manage to get several of them to embark in the frail craft which he and Mugambi paddled about inside the reef where the water was quite smooth.
Only he who wields the mightiest sword," responded the old woman.
THE SNP would wield "enormous clout and enormous influence" in a hung parliament, says Nicola Sturgeon.
Summary: Say hello to the 'Vertu for Bentley' mobile phone, which will ensure that you wield as much power in your palm as you do on the roads.
The refreshments served to the Chancellor and the bankers were presumably different, but like the Social Contract of that time, Project Merlin is a tacit admission that it is now the City of London and the big banking institutions that wield the economic power in the land and can hold the country to ransom.
He finds that the administration's willingness to wield expansive formal powers led them to ignore threats to their informal political capital and authority, especially in the case of Iraq.
Despite the fact that his own work detailed the pernicious influence a government can wield through the manipulation of fiat money (money not backed by precious metals), he often discussed the ways in which the Federal Reserve should handle monetary policy.
One refugee spaceship's voyage casts it amid a horrifying eugenics project, and eventually leads its survivors to a world scarred by the ravages of the Tauron Occupation--a planet controlled by a "same-gender-oriented-society" where homosexual Echelons wield power and heterosexual "Reproductionists" are persecuted.
Wield, a physician, depicts a shocking portrait of Britain's mental health services through the story of her own experiences with severe depression.
It may be unrealistic," he advised, "to limit ourselves as we have been doing to legalistic proofs or definitely conclusive evidence that would stand up in testimony in court or before congressional committees that the Communist Party, USA, does wield substantial influence over Negroes which one day could become decisive.
Possibly because I wield a sword, gallop [on] a unicorn, and become a king.
With e-mail and message boards, people suddenly found they could wield the same degree of influence as experienced PR professionals.