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Peasley had been advertising director of Wielder Publications, Inc.
Kino's Journey (Action) - A wielder of cutlery, firepower and a piercing tongue, Kino is a traveler on a search for life's answers, ready to embark on a journey unlike any other.
The wielder of the gun has been arrested, police confirmed yesterday, adding they suspect he did not have a licence for the weapon.
So it was fascinating to learn this week that a former shareholder in the Saddlers is none other than comic legend and renowned tickling-stick wielder Ken Dodd.
Ed McMillan, a resort resident, said Sanchez yelled for the ax wielder to stop, then fired a warning shot from his pistol.
In addition to building homes, players have two new professions to master: Paladin, a courageous warrior, and Necromancer, a wielder of dark magic and forbidden secrets.
Jordan's over two dozen books and reams of poetry are interspersed by her experiences as an activist, and Kinlock finds this complex soul was also a powerful wielder of language.
I started doing some odd jobs as a wielder but was still struggling," he said.
Rap's storied history has seen several artists play the roles of word wielder on the mic and trackmaster behind the boards, but no-one cuts it close to Kanye West.
Many believe Vice President Dick Cheney, a longtime CFR member with an undeserved image as a political conservative, is the real power wielder behind the throne.
DUNES CITY - Two people suffered ax wounds in an attack in Dunes City that was ended when another person shot the suspected ax wielder.
The chivalrous Paladin is a courageous warrior fortified with awesome new powers and the cunning Necromancer is a wielder of the darkest magic and forbidden secrets.