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We're willing to disarm gun wielders only after they have killed, maimed, or used their guns to terrorize innocent people.
They're starting out right - not in the rehearsal room, but in the theatre of the street, soaking it up as young conjurers, wielders of magic.
A new research has shown that image-obsessed mobile phone wielders were prepared to embellish or lie about their activities to boost their credibility among friends, reports the News.
This first outing for the series on PSP tells the story of three keyblade wielders who set out on an adventure to discover why so many dark and powerful creatures have been wreaking havoc in the world.
Some of the nationals sent their most vitriolic knife wielders to Ashton Gate ready to slot the blade in Gareth Southgate's back in the event of what was euphemistically being misbranded "an upset" (they couldn't bring themselves to use the phrase "giant killing" as that would ascribe a status to Boro that would choke them).
And he is certainly sure of much public backing when he points, for example, to the wielders of the extreme placards carried by some of those protesting about the offensive cartoons of the prophet Mohammed.
Sadly, as in other towns and cities, the council power wielders are destroying priceless heritage which has a distinctive character and identity of its own.
If one "follows the money," invariably one finds that these NGO activists, who materialize by the thousands at all UN functions to demand greater "empowerment" of the UN, are in reality agents (albeit frequently unknowing agents) of those who expect to be the wielders of that power: Rockefeller, Gorbachev, Strong, Annan, et al.
The Internet World judging team noted this difference means that Snapfish, a site whose revenues come from sponsors, has access "to the vast majority of picture-takers today, who will also presumably be the digital camera wielders of tomorrow.
Overhauling the bowling attack paid off, but Moores has given his six willow wielders a vote of confidence ahead of the final Test showdown in Napier, despite another game passing without a century between them.
Why, oh why, do council power wielders always destroy their town or city's priceless heritage?