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Using the Nazi symbols and wielding the Nazi flag in public, is a despicable act of offense against the victims of the Holocaust and the Holocaust survivors," the statement said.
The footage shows what fans are saying is a big clue, actor John Boyega (Finn) wielding a blue lightsaber.
I wonder how many researchers wielding Oxbridge PhDs and masters degrees it took to work that one out.
The crowbar wielding gang targeted the unit on the Spencer Industrial Estate, Mount Pleasant Road, Buckley.
CHATSWORTH -- A man wielding a large knife was arrested Thursday after robbing and stabbing a woman outside a grocery store, authorities said.
But altering the physical landscape, and wielding power, are two different things.
Wielding a flint-tipped model of the prehistoric tools, members of Macchiarelli's team drilled holes in cheek teeth on a modern human jawbone at a rate of about one per minute.
If you're serious about wielding your power as a consumer, t his is the book for you.
Cormac is not only an eyewitness but also a participant, wielding the sword his blacksmith grandfather made as well as the pen of a writer and the brush of an artist.
Carmen de Lavallade was incandescent in tomato red, wielding a golden fan, as Wynton Marsalis blew serious trumpet for her sexy, idiosyncratic solo.
Wielding sledgehammers, the officials took the first swings at the gut rehabilitation of three 19th Century brick buildings located at 393, 395, 397, 399, and 401 Main St.