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The footage shows what fans are saying is a big clue, actor John Boyega (Finn) wielding a blue lightsaber.
Doncaster magistrates jailed Wielding for 16 weeks, gave Ferguson a suspended 10-week sentence and banned both from keeping animals for life.
You could be confronted with a weapon wielding nut or be confronted with a drugaddled addict, pockets filled with needles.
TWO Birmingham police officers who tackled a man wielding a Samurai-style sword are each set to receive a top police award.
The armed raiders, wielding guns and grenades, apparently subjected the family in Pakistan to a six-hour ordeal after breaking into the house in Jhelum.
Nell, who sadly passed away in May 1984, is pictured wielding an axe from the Darkage Re-enactment Group stand at the exhibition.
He addresses the administration's successes and failures in public mobilization, wielding the tools of governance, and pushing its domestic and foreign agenda.
Walking down London's scarred, knife-wielding streets will hardly impress those leaders who are used to wielding AK-47s, but the threat of a long jail sentence might.
The crowbar wielding gang targeted the unit on the Spencer Industrial Estate, Mount Pleasant Road, Buckley.
CHATSWORTH -- A man wielding a large knife was arrested Thursday after robbing and stabbing a woman outside a grocery store, authorities said.
But altering the physical landscape, and wielding power, are two different things.
Wielding a flint-tipped model of the prehistoric tools, members of Macchiarelli's team drilled holes in cheek teeth on a modern human jawbone at a rate of about one per minute.