wielding power

See: forcible
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Blatter, however, is a man who has grown use to wielding power at the highest level of football, and in doing so he has lost his hearing -- deaf to the howls of protest at corruption and the manner in which he made Fifa his fiefdom.
It is the fourth straight year that she was recognised for wielding power, but she has been number 1 on the list nine times.
On the Virgin's Birthday, we commend officials and politicians for their good efforts aimed at cementing bridges of unity, affection and solidarity between various social constituents particularly between those wielding power and their political opponents, Rahi added.
Those wielding power should have known by now that the more they try to gag the free voice the louder it will get
We see criminals, villainous and selfish people wielding power leading the countries towards destruction and bankruptcy.
With Russia and Japan also wielding power, he warned about the consequences of 'state-to-state antagonisms, territorial disputes and feuds' - with China seen as the biggest threat.
THE Greens have issued a plea for Scots to give them their second vote - and keep the Tories from wielding power.
According to Clinton,the military, the Revolutionary Guard and other militia and military entities were increasingly wielding power.
Historically it should be remembered that we are here today because Sir Albert and his Labour group when wielding power were either unwilling or unable to be able to deal with the "single status" issue as they were legally required to do by their own Labour government.
He has since participated in important events, indicating that he is once again back into the ranks and wielding power in the government.
But altering the physical landscape, and wielding power, are two different things.
Effective leaders understand the need for obtaining and properly wielding power within their organizations.