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God is your enemy," reads one of the plackards they wield at a funeral.
Contreras, as executive secretary-treasurer of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor AFL-CIO, took control of the umbrella organization of unions and built it into a potent political force that today includes more than 300 affiliates and 800,000 members and wields enormous influence across Southern California.
As an international venture capital and private equity firm, and a FTSE 100 company, 3i wields significant influence in the area of community involvement and philanthropy.
As chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, he wields considerable influence over all tax issues.
Chairmen wield considerable clout in Congress, including the power to decide which bills will receive a hearing - the necessary first step toward passage.
Lest you get the wrong idea, for all the times that Dad (and, even more unsettling, his sons) wields the ax, there isn't one drop of blood in the movie.
For decades, City Hall has gerrymandered council districts to ensure the petty politicians can keep their jobs and continue to serve the interests of the narrow elite that wields power downtown.
So as the trial opens, the judge plays keyboards at his bench, the clerk wields a cello, the court reporter is a drummer, the prosecuting and defense attorneys play guitars.
The FTC alleges that Intel wields monopoly power in the chip market.
Intel spokesman Chuck Mulloy said that to prove Intel wields such power, the FTC must prove that Intel's market share allows it to control market outcomes and market price.
3) Nob Tamai wields a leaf blower in the yard of Roman Fabian, next door to the Saklad residence.
If Bill Lockyer, who wields considerable clout as president pro tem of the state Senate, is confused, it is because of his own attempts to cloud the issue of basic political rights by suddenly raising questions about the whole process of how cities are formed.