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Taken together, these results suggest that there may have been not just two, but multiple domestications of Asian wild barley, represented by the landraces in groups A, B, C and D.
They rinsed off the sediment and discovered human and animal figurines, fish bones and charred bits of wild barley, lentil, grass peas, emmer wheat (which is rarely grown today because of its low yield) and other ancestors of crop plants.
After harvesting, wild barley seeds could conceivably have been placed in a container for storage.
They are looking better now that a tough wild barley has something to do with it.
The inventors of agriculture in western Asia probably walked through patches of wild barley and wheat during summer months and scooped handfuls of ripened grains off the ground.
Around 8,000BC, man picked wild barley and wheat then farmed them.
Meat eaters will find the New York steak ($31) juicy and good-tasting, the meat loaf ($16) a homey hunk of seasoned ground beef coupled with pureed potatoes, and the lamb shank ($22) with wild barley a basically satisfying meal.