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HARRY Hill is back on the road with his trademark large specs and gigantic collars and Wild Horses wouldn't stop him coming to Cardiff.
Wild horses wouldn't persuade me to divulge the identity of an ambassadorial figure in the industry who was so overcome by the tension in the closing minutes that a four-letter expletive escaped his lips.
Like many of his age, he probably feels he has had the best of the job, but wild horses wouldn't get him to say so publicly.
WESTERNS are so out of fashion that wild horses wouldn't drag many of today's technology-dazzled audiences in to watch one.
Well, wild horses wouldn't have kept these hungry and thirsty Scots from enjoying the fine food.
Mind you, wild horses wouldn't make me name the man on Celtic's management team who was once privately indiscreet about Moscow hero Georgios Samaras.
I still felt guilty about that, but wild horses wouldn't drag Carol to the house.
WILD horses wouldn't drag us away from this gorgeous tee, pounds 16.