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Indeed, the results for wild radish mirror those obtained for capeweed (Dunbabin, 2001), which showed almost as much genetic variation between populations as did Hordeum leporinum, a self-pollinating annual grass.
Table 7: Flowering times (days after sowing) of the 55 populations of wild radish grown in the field at the University of Western Australia field Station at Shenton Park, Perth, WA
Foliar herbivory in wild radish plants resulted in induced biochemical and physical responses, increased [TABULAR DATA FOR TABLE 2 OMITTED] resistance to several herbivores, and increased seed set compared to uninduced control plants.
Herbivory to the first true leaf of wild radish induced an increase in the densities of trichomes on the third true leaf.
Paternity of seeds(*) following two-donor pollinations where pollen was applied as a mixture or as adjacent pollen loads on stigmas of three wild radish plants.
Patterns of phenotypic and genetic correlations among morphological and life-history traits in wild radish, Raphanus raphanistrum.
The effect of flower production on male reproductive success in wild radish populations.
In 1991, the planting occurred late in the season after an earlier planting was destroyed by rabbits; therefore, the plants were flowering past the peak of wild radish flowering in our area but still within the normal flowering period.
Species pollinating wild radish vary widely over short spatial and temporal scales, but most of the same species visit wild radish in central Illinois and central New York (Conner and Rush 1996; G.
Planting density influences the expression of genetic variation in seed mass in wild radish (Raphanus sativus L.
Many modern populations of wild radish are presumably the product of hybridization between the cultivated radish, R.
Selection can theoretically increase or decrease correlations, and our results suggest that both may have occurred in wild radish.