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2) recorded from both naked and covered wild-type strain larvae were noticeably greater and significantly lower, respectively, than recorded from both naked and covered VIENNA 8 strain larvae exposed to D.
Wild-type strains were treated with the chemical mutagen NTG which preferentially induce single mutations in GC nucleotide base pairs (Kinghorn et al.
cereus 569, the wild-type strain, 15-minute treatments at 37 C resulted in: a 3.
The HBeAg wild-type strain accounts for 25%-40% of hepatitis B virus (HBV) cases.
One reaction contained a FAM-labeled SNP probe specific for the 292K mutant strain and a second reaction contained a VIC-labeled probe specific for the R292 wild-type strain (online Technical Appendix, wwwnc.
falciparum was found in the salivary glands of just 25 percent of the mosquitoes sprayed with the transgenic fungi, compared to 87 percent of those sprayed with the wild-type strain of the fungus and to 94 percent of those that were not sprayed.
Eleven of the 13 volunteers who received the wild-type strain developed diarrhea, and the highest dose had to be discontinued for the patients' welfare.