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The sequel opens well enough in Brooklyn Juvenile Detention Centre, where Maria Ramirez (Katerina Graham) wiles away the hours in dance battles with the other detainees.
In early '70s Macclesfield, Curtis (Riley) wiles away his teenage years in a haze of music, chain-smoking and prescription drugs.
Cheetah chimps at the Big 7-5: Living in a senior primate's home in Palm Springs, Tarzan's former live-in "friend" wiles away his days playing golf, swimming and throwing his poop at visitors.
Also like West, Garnet is a linguist, a man intoxicated with words and their infinite beauty and elasticity; he wiles away his incarceration in "priest holes" and the Tower of London pondering etymologies, linguist errors, and malapropisms, and his own treatise on equivocation.