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Anyone who thought he would react by staying silent as he carried on wiling away the weeks until his employment with the English FA expired has been proved badly wrong as the Swede has delivered a series of stirring messages of positivity.
Most of the art is graft-oriented, but it's the little captions that'll make you laugh while you're wiling away the time on the crapper.
Wiling away the time on the plane home, I engaged in other reading, including a piece on music and treadmills in Academic Emergency Medicine.
You can dip in and out of it, and it's great for long train journeys or wiling away a long weekend.
Katy's fishy main course might have something to do with her favourite pastime - for she likes nothing better than wiling away a few watery hours with synchronised swimming in her local pool.
Fast forward to present times and the multi-millionaire pop superstar apparently hasn't forgotten about wiling away pleasant hours at the boys club.
Venturing a bit further from Newquay is Watergate Bay, which is similar to Fistral Beach in its being relatively remote, but with the benefit of a Fifteen restaurant opened by Jamie Oliver, and the beach caf whose food is so good and view of the beach so immediate that it's quite easy to spend whole afternoons in there wiling away the time watching water sports enthusiasts tackle the waves.
Mr Hemming is currently wiling away his summer holidays in the most unlikely place to find a millionaire playboy - CenteParcs.