willful disregard

See: contempt
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Commissioner's Schuetz's alleged willful disregard to report these worldwide trips raises suspicion over his trustworthiness to carry out the position in which he was appointed.
This is further evidence of the administration's continued willful disregard for the facts on the ground in light of Iranian aggression in the region," he said.
The company's management, blinded by its vast political power, behaves with willful disregard for changing global realities.
The Investigation Section of OAI is responsible for conducting investigations into allegations of misconduct, such as mismanagement, fraud, corruption, retaliation on whistleblowers, workplace harassment, abuse of authority, violation or willful disregard of UNDP regulations, rules, and administrative instructions, that involve UNDP staff, contractors and other applicable persons.
This negligence -- and that is really what it is -- is nothing more than willful disregard for the safety of Jeddawis.
That age has passed, and it has little to do with willful disregard for church teaching and far more to do with a growing understanding of the complexity and diversity of humankind.
Damages would include recovery in excess of the policy limits, attorney's fees and, in cases of "actual malice or wanton and willful disregard of any person who foreseeably might be harmed by the insurer's acts or omissions," punitive damages.
In Detroit there has been a willful disregard of the constitution.
Deval Patrick's decision to permit illegal aliens to pay in-state tuition rates at public institutions of higher education in Massachusetts constitutes an abuse of his power and a willful disregard of the repeatedly expressed intentions of the Legislature.
7 million undocumented foreign nationals (illegal aliens) between the ages of 16 and 30, in conjunction with issuing them Social Security numbers and work permits, clearly shows that the president holds complete willful disregard for America's 13.