willing consent

See: assent
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In order to appease the politicians of East Pakistan in particular, he scrapped the parity principle that had been worked out by Suhrawardy and adopted with the willing consent of both the wings.
No mechanisms for achieving referendum without the willing consent of the Government of Sudan.
In James's reading, God is here making clear to the people what they are asking for, so that in the future they will be bound by their agreement in full knowledge to this arrangement: "As he would say; When ye shall finde these things in proofe that now I fore-warne you of, although you shall grudge and murmure, yet it shal not be lawful to you to cast it off, in respect it is not only the ordinance of God, but also your selues haue chosen him vnto you, thereby renouncing for euer all priuiledges, by your willing consent out of your hands, whereby in any time hereafter ye would claime, and call back vnto your selues again that power, which God shall not permit you to doe.