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My baby cannot judge yet for himself, but I, his mother, can foresee that should it have been given him to survive to man's estate he would willingly sacrifice his life for the honour of his mother.
Sherman) did that willingly, and now she's one of our captains as a pitcher; she's just stepped right in and done well.
During his tenure with CALIBRE, Preston has been one of the leading advocates for our employee ownership culture, and has willingly and enthusiastically advanced that cause among employees and as a participant in events sponsored by The ESOP Association.
About 100 church supporters willingly contributed $25 each to the school's rather risky fund-raiser in order to buy $2,560 worth of Pick Six tickets.
To be awarded the Perkin Medal is an honor that I truly appreciate and willingly accept.
Santa Clarita leaders never have been optimistic that Whittaker intended to clean up the site off Soledad Canyon Road willingly, and have repeatedly questioned the company's commitment to the cleanup and called Whittaker's track record spotty.
The groundbreaking study, in which Time Warner actively and willingly participated, disproves once and for all the myth that DSL service is cable modem's poor relation.
But neither will we willingly allow our enemies another opportunity to commit another 9-11, another USS Cole, or another Sudan embassy.
How can you trust the companies who have willingly paid more than $2 billion in fines over the last eight years solely in an effort to keep others out of their markets?
Ergo, he needed a new pad, although as one of his pals points out, is such a willingly adventurous mate someone to be left in order to pursue 19-year-olds?
Chi-Chi's should willingly disclose that information to both the Bankruptcy Court and the victims without anymore delay," said Marler.
A man surnamed Deng, who has been on the wanted list for sometime for offenses related to drugs, ran away from the police after giving the authorities false identity information and hid inside the sewage system of Hsinchu County in his attempt to evade the officers, but after three hours in the smelly hideout he willingly surrendered.