willingness to please

References in classic literature ?
Her husband was a grave looking young man of five or six and twenty, with an air of more fashion and sense than his wife, but of less willingness to please or be pleased.
It is a highly versatile, energetic dog with superior intelligence and a willingness to please.
Social engineering exploits human nature and plays on victims emotions such as protecting themselves, their family and finances, gaining something of advantage or willingness to please others.
Ms Cottage said: "These women were vulnerable to the attentions of a man experienced in taking sexual advantage of their naivety and their willingness to please.
Sasha is super intelligent and loves treats so will be very easy to train as she has a great willingness to please.
The food was delicious and here is an example of the versatility and willingness to please displayed by the staff.
Israelis will no doubt find his willingness to please his puppet masters in Tel Aviv and Washington amusing when Netanyahu and his cohort Avigdor Lieberman have no intention of working toward a Palestinian state of any description and hardly bother to pay lip-service to the concept nowadays.
Peer pressure is a strong motivating force, and workers' willingness to please people who mean something to them is often a stronger motivating force than financial rewards.
Martina (Molly) Molloy, a BHS qualified riding instructor in Bahrain, feels they have always given to her, with their kindness, loyalty and willingness to please.
Now, I think that was a misunderstanding or a willingness to please.
And when Andy shows you round the plants he has for sale at the Raby Hall Garden Centre, in Wirral, the pride in his job and a willingness to please just shine out of him.
I appreciate honesty and passion, a willingness to please, but also good taste.