willingness to purchase

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This year's housing market is poised to be the best since 2007; however, consumers' ability and willingness to purchase a home is likely to remain an issue in many regions going forward until we see consumer confidence in their income growth consistently gain traction.
More importantly, 10 of these panelists who consume corn tortillas once a week all showed their willingness to purchase the tortilla containing 40% soybean presscake.
While variables like gender and income play a role in a consumer s willingness to purchase Internet of Things (IoT) products, those factors do not always influence their preference.
Sanaei also expressed Tehran's willingness to purchase electricity from Russia and use the country's assistance in the construction of thermal power plants and renovation of two power stations in central and southwestern Iran.
In July, three of the index's four components dropped, with near-term willingness to purchase new durable goods decreasing 1.
I've done some work in other industries and what I've seen is a willingness to purchase and have trust in that domain--not require some intermediary," says Prasad.
In similar remarks on Friday, Iranian Oil Ministry Spokesman Alireza Nikzad Rahbar also said that some European countries had voiced their willingness to purchase Iran's crude oil, but Tehran preferred to sell its oil to those countries which supported Tehran at the time of western sanctions.
The research concluded that consumers possess great willingness to purchase more Welsh dairy products as long as the cost is competitive," said Delyth Davies, head of Dairy Development Wales.
Using marketing automation techniques popularized by Fortune 500 companies, they make it easy to understand customer needs and willingness to purchase by tracking each individual customer in their web interface.
Despite a rising level of uncertainty with the economic recovery, consumers remain resilient in their willingness to purchase new vehicles," senior vice president of forecasting at LMC Automotive Jeff Schuster said on June 21.
The researchers indicated that hostility towards a current or former enemy influences willingness to purchase products made in that country.
However, the proceeds generated prove that there is still a willingness to purchase, providing stock is sensibly priced and seen to offer good value for money.