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There is the King of Saxony bird of paradise--a bird whose brow plumes are twice the size of its body, giving it the image of having willowy horns that seem more appropriate on an antelope.
This is a romantic tale of love and graceful death, of mistakes and forgiveness, of willowy prose and life reflected in nature.
Willowy frontman Mark Linkous looked odds-on favourite for the drop as he sang an hour-long greatest hits set, with his vocals fragile and haunting.
But wait, here's their Discovery Channel: Forcefield figures dancing in slow motion around a tall, willowy knit pyramid, clapping their hands in a ritual of .
It goes like this: A producer, willowy and female (think Gale Anne Hurd; think Sherry Lansing) is standing alone on the rue d'Antibes, near its eastern, less-travelled end, waiting for her ride to a party at Cap d'Antibes.
The whole world watched as Jeana Yeagerand Dick Rutan flew the willowy Voyager around the world last December.
Skinny Lister are a welcome change from the usual new-folk contingent consisting of serious bearded young men and polite willowy young ladies.
THE sourpusses of the twittering classes have taken against the willowy and superb Fiona Bruce's ability to hold interviews in French and Italian and, even worse, allow herself to be filmed strolling round Paris and Florence.
New York, July 6 (ANI): Tennis ace Serena Williams has revealed that it took her two decades to accept that her body was never going to be as willowy as her older sister's.
The jeans measure size 8 with 103cm from waist to ankle, and inner leg length is 80cm, so it'll help to be a willowy long-legged beauty like their original owner.
The hapless lad's been more or less oblivious to the willowy blonde's attention, but Nicole certainly hasn't.
VIJAY SINGH looked a beaten man when closing with a round of 75 at Carnoustie on Sunday and the willowy Fijian will need to call on all his golfaholic enthusiasm for the game if he is to bounce back in Canada today.