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The reason is that this is the first time, throughout the day, that your willpower has come into play.
And even though Nicky doesn't really need willpower in this situation, if she did need it, it would function quite well because she's not dieting.
Studies have shown that when we feel good, we also have stronger willpower.
2 You need to become a willpower miser - by using your willpower and money wisely.
I am a naturally driven person, so willpower is at my core.
If the wage premium exists, holding constant measurable skills such as grade point average (GPA) and standardized test scores, do athletes possess other noncognitive skills that are valued by the market such as willpower, determination, competitiveness, and teamwork?
He feared that people having weak willpower may resume smoking again after some time due the pressure of peers.
The significance of having low willpower cannot be overstated, since a lack of mental strength and fortitude adversely can affect nearly every aspect of your life and how you are perceived by others.
While half the world is under-nourished the other half is wallowing in food which, if willpower is not used, are we subjecting our young to a life full of doctors and hospital visits.
Tsipursky stressed the importance of commitment to toughen up willpower and be able to achieve goals.