win back

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FIRED But Stephanie Davis has vowed to win back soap bosses' trust
The campaign entitled "Win Back your International Purchases" gives QIB customers the chance to win back all their purchases done internationally between July 13 and October 10, 2015.
We do have to win back people who voted Tory and win back people who voted Ukip, but I don't think that necessarily means just swallowing the Tory manifesto.
CATS CEO Bob Mirabito said the agency has been waiting since 2014 to win back the deal.
With no queues, no fees and 24-hour availability, the new online and mobile banking campaign not only allows customers to conduct secure, fast and simple money transfer transactions, but it also gives them a chance to win back valuable cash prizes.
Mashreq Cardmembers can also look forward to win back their weekly shopping spends whereby one lucky Cardmember every week will win back up to AED 5,000 until the end of the promotion period.
It has got lot of great features to win back corporate customers and what they need to do is win back consumers and that is more important.
Air Arabia, a UAE-based low-cost airline, has announced a new promotion offering passengers the chance to win back the cost of their ticket.
Sharjah-based budget carrier Air Arabia on Saturday launched a unique promotion offering passengers the chance to win back the cost of their ticket.
With the yearling bonus it's feasible she could win back a lot of her cost within a day of going under the hammer.
It yesterday unveiled a new personal loan scheme offering customers a chance to win back a year's instalment free in addition to benefiting from the lower interest rate.
COLIN MONTGOMERIE last night backed Scots stars Alastair Forsyth, Marc Warren and Andrew Coltart to win back their Tour cards.