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KaloBios has engaged the restructuring firm of The Brenner Group to assist in the wind down of operations and liquidation of the company's assets.
The fact is that it will begin to wind down in the next 10 years.
common stock is part of our continuing effort to wind down the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), said Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Office of Financial Stability Timothy Bowler.
The US SEC is said to be planning to wind down financial crisis investigations.
If Robbie [below] is going to wind down, there's a possibility for Shane - especially with Wolves down too.
CWB will continue to be owned by the government, as a board of directors restructure the agency, privatize certain assets and eventually wind down operations within five years.
Central wind down and other corporate issues during the regulator's June video economic update, posted on its YouTube account.
Department of the Treasury announced that it will begin the orderly wind down of its remaining portfolio of $142 billion in agency- guaranteed mortgage-backed securities (MBS).
DETROIT: General Motors Co has held advanced talks with Spyker Cars for the sale of its Swedish brand Saab but is proceeding with plans to wind down the unit, GM Chief Executive Ed Whitacre said on Monday.
GM had previously said it was giving bidders until Thursday to come forward with an offer for Saab until it decided earlier this month that it would wind down the brand.
BRADFORD & Bingley have appointed banking veteran Richard Banks as managing director to oversee the wind down of the nationalised lender.
My husband seems to forget that we have four small children and insists on sitting on the beach reading his book for the first four days to wind down from his "stressful" job.