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In most cases also the traditional wind roses show the direction of the average airflow only approximately whereas calculating it from average values of wind vector components shows more precisely the direction of the advection of matter and energy.
perfectly isotropic systems or jets of alternating direction) while the classical wind speed and wind rose provide sensible information for such cases.
Consequently, the first step towards making the traditional and the new wind roses comparable consists of interpreting all cases when the wind speed is less than 0.
A wind rose is a graphic chart that averages these recorded wind directions and speeds and plots them about a circle.
Annual average wind roses practically coincide at these two measurement sites at all levels, except near the surface where wind direction is very sensitive to the properties of the landscape.
This peak in the measured wind rose may be caused by orography: a high cliff south of the station may distort the wind pattern (Soomere & Keevallik 2003).
The basis of this assumption is that the majority of the classical wind roses (that equally account for all wind measurements notwithstanding the wind speed) are almost circular, with a slight prevalence of wind from certain directions [2,7-9].
Traditional wind roses may also lead to misinterpretations when average air flow is considered.