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We estimated windfall profit as the difference between the value attained at the end of a fiscal year and the value that was expected for the fiscal year given the corporation's beta risk.
The six firms are expected to contribute their windfall profits to a special fund for securities-related research and public relations operations, the sources said.
The strong pound - which BMW blames for the 'car-boot sale' of Rover is giving the German car maker windfall profits of at least pounds 300 million a year, it was claimed yesterday.
They consequently earned windfall profits of nearly 872 million for all airlines, if the full value of the free permits was charged to passengers.
Summary: Airlines made up to half a billion euros in windfall profits last year by passing on a carbon surcharge to travellers despite an EU decision to freeze its controversial carbon tax, environmentalists said on Tuesday.
windfall profits tax on utilities that were privatized and price regulated.
The government intends to make legal reforms to mitigate the effects of the windfall profits tax and enhance the investment climate which Kinross believes to be critical to the negotiations, the company added.
Far from making Atos compensate the taxpayer for the millions it is costing to clear the mess Atos leave behind, it appears the Government are happy to send more windfall profits their way.
Chancellor George Osborne offered a helping hand to motorists in a Budget which lopped 1p a litre off fuel duty and introduced a Fair Fuel Stabiliser, funded by new taxes on the windfall profits of oil companies.
The tax dispute between Anadarko and state-owned Sonatrach was sparked by a 2006 Algerian tax law on windfall profits.
The agreement included an obligation to maintain the government's share of project economic benefits at 52%, including a royalty, corporate income tax, the state portion of a profit-sharing contribution, and a windfall profits tax.
In the Sunday Mirror today, Labour leader Ed Miliband calls on the Government to insist that the industry hands back its windfall profits to needy customers.