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Our highlight was on the windiest day, we were really sending it and nearly out of control" said Sam.
Dubai Being in the heart of the highest, driest, windiest and coldest continent in the world, with no habitation or plant life, in sub-zero freezing temperatures, isn't for the faint of heart.
To reach the Pole, the daredevil presenter has travelled for up to 14 hours a day across the coldest and windiest places on earth, battling ferocious 80mph winds and temperatures as low as minus 50 degrees Celsius.
Foum El Oued will be built in one of the windiest areas of Morocco in the municipality of Laayoune, 9 km south east of the port of Laayoune in Southern Morocco.
Foum El Oued will be built in one of the windiest areas of Morocco in the municipality of LaEoyoune, 9 km south east of the port of LaEoyoune in Southern Morocco.
Located on the windiest corner of the bay, it's hard enough keeping hold of my tuba in the wind, let alone the music.
Egypt, one of the windiest areas and the leading country in the Middle East in wind power is set to begin constructing, in May, two of four wind power stations in the Gulf of Suez.
The new multi-band features soft, stretchable, fast-wicking polyester microfibers to deliver a versatile solution for the windiest, dirtiest, hottest and coldest days on the job.
PBS and filmmaker Mark Terry take audiences on a gripping exploration of the world's coldest,driest and windiest continent - Antarctica - to discover how global warming is dangerously affecting the region's once polar environment and causing death for many animal and marine inhabitants.
Antarctica holds records as the coldest, windiest region on the planet.
Just 40 degrees out, this was one of the coolest and windiest evenings I've spent in a treesland.
Windiest day (strongest gust) Paddy Power: 11-8 Wednesday, 2 Tuesday, 3 Thursday, 9-2 Friday.