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LIVERPOOL John Lennon Airport may be one of the windiest in the country - but officials say the wind works to its advantage.
Cape Turnagain was the windiest location with gusts recorded at 209 kilometres per hour.
The storm is expected to be one of the windiest and rainiest in five years and could also cause debris slides, especially in areas affected by this year's intense and widespread wildfires.
A total of six ports, including two maiden calls, are planned for the land of leprechauns:Ireland:* Waterford -- With Georgian architecture as beautiful as the town's famous crystal, Ireland's oldest and windiest city is surrounded by craggy beaches, fishing villages and walking trails throughout the county.
The reason Scotland has more onshore windfarms than England ANDWALEs is simple - Scotland is the windiest country in Europe,"say the turbine spin doctors at Scottish Renewables.
Because apart from on the backs of all the men, there isn't a coat in sight even though it's held at the O2, a venue on possibly the windiest, coldest peninsula in the whole of London on probably the coldest night in January.
7 Billion Wind Power Project Nears Finish: "Developers expect to soon flip the switch on the final electrical transmission projects built under a nearly $7 billion effort to connect Texas' windiest, mostly secluded regions to communities that demand more power.
The coldest, windiest, and driest place on earth, Antarctica has a desert climate, with near-zero humidity and average annual temperature of -47[degrees]C.
The area is one of the windiest sites in the Middle East, with average wind speeds of over 9 meters per sec.
Antarctica--the coldest, windiest, driest and most isolated place on earth--is a demanding challenge for architects.
However, sub-zero temperatures are not the only concerns that the two 'Freezing Omanis' will face, as Antarctica is known to be the windiest place on earth.
However, sub-zero temperatures are not the only concern that the two will need to take into consideration, as Antarctica is known to be the windiest place on earth, high winds can make -5AC feel like -15AC.