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As seen from the meteorological data presented in Table 1, merely greater windiness in the marine atmosphere leads to more frequent wetting and drying of the surface, as well as more frequent washing of the corrosion products from the surface of zinc-polymeric coating.
In the context of straggling housing estates has the level of windiness the same importance.
Obama avoided the charge of windiness of his oratorical style by being slick, in places moving, and politically flinty.
Despite de prevaling harsh conditions of high mountain ecosystems they showed an important environmental variability determined by the different weight of several environmental factors such as snow cover duration, windiness, insolation, soil development (FISK & al.
Numerous observations are offered, such as food spoilage caused by warming temperatures, increased windiness, greater unpredictability in the weather, and sinking land due to permafrost melt.
And the good news is if you're scared of turbulence it probably won't be that that kills you as since 1980, only three people have died as a direct result of extreme windiness.
Signs and symptoms of poor attachment in the presence of tongue-tie (where positioning has been assessed as correct) In mother In baby Sore/painful/ Repeated loss of cracked nipples attachment Misshapen nipples Clicking or upon detachment smacking noises with all or some suck/swallow cycles Poor drainage of Poor weight gain milk or weight loss Mastitis Frustration at loss of attachment or inability to attach Poor milk supply Marked windiness Exhaustion Frequent feeds Distress as Feeds lasting a breastfeeding long time not as (unable to take fulfilling as milk efficiently) she had anticipated Or short feeds (as baby becomes progressively tired and weak)
In order to exclude the impact of each year windiness from the analysis, the Portuguese Windiness Index published by APREN (Portuguese Renewable Energy Association) and MEGAJOULE was considered.