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The fact is, it is winding down now, actually, but very slowly.
With the second measure, the Bank of Slovenia began the supervised winding down of both banks, as they are unable to survive in the market in the long term.
New Year's Eve will again see services winding down from 7pm, and services will start later on New Year's Day.
The administrators are in the process of winding down the Manchester-based business and realising value from its assets.
Those costs include pension and post-employment benefits, severance, computer systems, and the winding down of accounts.
Google said it is winding down Fast Flip, which was unveiled in September 2009, and shutting down Aardvark as part of the closure announced last month of its experimental test bed Google Labs.
Summary: NEW YORK/LONDON - Global expansion continues, but policy normalizsation may soon constrain market performance, Barclays Capital said in its latest flagship quarterly research publication, "Global Outlook: Winding Down the Recovery Trade.
THE winding down of toxic bank Anglo Irish Bank moved a step closer yesterday after the High Court approved the immediate transfer of more than EUR7billion of its deposits.
Like the TV series, this selection of stories is great for winding down and cuddling with the kids.
It is quite an interesting shift to experience oneself winding down like a well-used watch, keeping pace with a new rhythm of the soul.
of another round of layoffs, signaling the continued winding down of operations at the 95-year-old plant.
But the organisation, estimated to have created more than 70 jobs and safeguarded more than 400 existing ones, is winding down its operations, to close down March and June.