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The Winding Sheet is the name of the new track and it's a ginormous seven minutes of delectable soundscape.
Auto-da-fe': Cruel as the grave/you said of jealousy/that night you were even crueler,/when I came to you still/in the winding sheet.
My main reservation about the match centres on the substitution of Wayne Rooney, whom ere minutes before gave England the penalty chance that should have wrapped France more tightly into their winding sheet.
The setting is Turin, Italy, which boasts as a relic a winding sheet imprinted with Christ's features.
Whether we bury our dead in Wilbert Vaults, leave them in trees to be eaten by birds, burn them, or beam them into space; whether choir or cantor, piper or jazz band, casket or coffin or winding sheet, ours is the species that keeps track of out dead and knows that we are always outnumbered by them.
O well the snow falls and small birds drop out of the sky, The backyard's a winding sheet - winter in Charlottesville, Epiphany two days gone, Nothing at large but Broncos, pick-ups and 4 x 4s.