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Mr Mason didn't think he would jump and the argument carried on when suddenly Thomas fell from the window ledge.
This is an old building and clearly the window ledges are not meant to support that kind of weight.
She was sitting on the window ledge when she fell backwards and vanished.
The exchange started when a link was posted on an open Facebook profile about a suicidal man in China who was blasted indoors from a window ledge with a high-pressure hose.
A SMOKER plunged to his death from his bedroom window ledge while having a latenight cigarette, an inquest heard yesterday.
The icicle formed from the window ledge above the porch at the Zottola's house at Prestwich Drive during the course of the weekend and Monday's freezing temperatures.
She was said to have fallen after leaning over a window ledge at the family's holiday accommodation when she was disturbed by noise in the streets below.
The hero checks into hotel room 2505 yet when he eventually steps out on to the window ledge, seemingly ready to throw himself off, a passing cop looks up and bellows, "We got a jumper on the 21st floor
I was trying to jump up and grab the window ledge, but it was melting and I couldn't get them.
Offices were wrecked, doors and windows smashed when the bomb went off on a basement window ledge of the building - which also houses the Welsh Board of Health - shortly after 3.
ONLOOKERS watched in horror as a Rolls-Royce lawyer plunged about 100ft to her death from the fourth-floor window ledge of an upmarket London hotel.
It was living quite happily on a window ledge in my spare bedroom all summer, but has recently fallen sick.