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Kazunori Sudo, Kotobukiya's president, denied the company was involved in window-dressing.
Spear critiques a recent article from a consulting firm that predicted downward pressure in the last days of December due to tax-loss selling for individuals, window-dressing for institutions, and portfolio realignment to control for risk in hedge funds.
The triple triumph was hailed as historic in Brussels - but critics claimed the first two deals were window-dressing, and the third was a ruse to keep the Treaty alive against the wishes of Irish voters.
It was the sort of window-dressing - hyping occasional goodies tossed to California - that Gray Davis practiced to obscure his failures.
Prosecutors also judged the former director in charge of the bank's accounting department as responsible for compiling financial charts related to the window-dressing maneuvers, with the former vice president overseeing such work, they said.
A window-dressing display is being organised and Colin Edwards, chairman of the local Jubilee committee will stage an exhibition of 120 of his photographs of the Queen at St Peter's Church from May 14-June 7.