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Each windsock represents the age and gender-appropriate cabin where campers stay.
One of the plastic bags we had been carrying for dog doo caught the air like a windsock and blew it away faster than a Ferrari 599 GTB.
So it was, then, that when Pittsburgh safety Troy Polamalu was sprinting down the sideline with an intercepted pass Sunday, Johnson grabbed whatever piece he could of Polamalu, which in this case happened to be the curly black locks that drift out the back of his helmet like a windsock.
It added: "The pilot reported he flew an orbit around the planned landing site and flew an approach into wind (judged from the windsock beside the landing site).
A windsock is a truncated cloth cone mounted on a mast, used to show the direction the wind is blowing.
27 per cent saw a sign showing a picture of a windsock and did not know this is meant to warn of side winds
It ain't the same ball game when you're in a helo trying to make it into an LZ without the benefit of having somebody on the ground to put up a windsock before you arrive.
Hang up your windsock where it can catch a breeze but not raindrops.
When confronting a jewelweed's sculpted windsock of a flower, about half of the inexperienced worker bumblebees landed in the wrong place and probed the wrong spot, says Bernd Heinrich of the University of Vermont in The Biology of Learning (Springer Verlag, Berlin, 1984).
The Atmospheric Energy Collector, assigned pending patent 13/103,963 by the USPTO, includes a windsock arrangement that has a large upwind opening on one side tapering to a small downwind opening on the other side.
I've downloaded my holiday snaps and can confirm that I now have a fairly good photographic representation of several stone of Babybels in a windsock.