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It was found that the windsock morphology has the highest frequency followed by the chicken wing, cauliflower and swan neck morphology.
Glue the appropriate words (line, shape, color, texture) to the band of paper to label each windsock.
27 per cent saw a sign showing a picture of a windsock and did not know this is meant to warn of side winds
It ain't the same ball game when you're in a helo trying to make it into an LZ without the benefit of having somebody on the ground to put up a windsock before you arrive.
When confronting a jewelweed's sculpted windsock of a flower, about half of the inexperienced worker bumblebees landed in the wrong place and probed the wrong spot, says Bernd Heinrich of the University of Vermont in The Biology of Learning (Springer Verlag, Berlin, 1984).
Now they come when the sisters hang out their windsock.
The other signs which were most unknown included the white circle with a red border, which means all vehicles except bicycles being pushed by a pedestrian are prohibited, the sign for country parks and the windsock symbol warning of crosswinds.
As you taxi out, you see that the airport's only windsock is nearly limp, but it's picking up a slight breeze from the east.
It was recommended that an additional anemometer or windsock be installed at the centre point of the runway as well as a windsock within sight of the air traffic control tower to help identify if turbulent flow is evident.
Seemed like a good idea until their stockings grew to ones of airfield windsock proportions.