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It's so one air traffic controller can talk us in at the same time as the weather gets worse," says Wing Commander James.
Gallagher had been air base wing commander since May and was responsible for the operations of the 301,000-acre base.
Wing Commander Green completed a first run with an average speed of 365.
That wing commander never hiccupped one bit, because we had thought about this, we have practiced this, we had rehearsed this, we knew what to do, we knew who to inform, and all of the adjacent airfields and all of the adjacent wing commanders, ships, land component commanders, all were up on the net at the same time so it's possible to do this.
As authority shifted to wing commanders, much time and energy went into developing a new concept of operations.
In the modern Navy, such a number of mishaps and fatalities would result in the relief of the squadron and air wing commanders, and probably the ship's CO.
David Fadok, former 93rd Air Control Wing commander.
Green, who is facing a charge of theft, had earlier been warned by Wing Commander Bland: "Get a haircut, polish your boots, put a crease in your trousers and shave off your sideburns.
Wing Commander is a live-action drama directed by Digital Anvil CEO and founder Chris Roberts, who created the highly popular Wing Commander computer game series.
Not so long ago, you'd have been forgiven for thinking that Origin's Wing Commander series had reached the end of the line.
Electronic Arts (NASDAQ:ERTS) today announced the worldwide1 availability of a new take on its classic Wing Commander[TM] franchise with Wing Commander Arena for the Xbox LIVE[R] Arcade2 this Wednesday, July 25.
Tamgha-i-Imtiaz (Military) has been awarded to Group Captain Taimur Yousaf Khan, Group Captain Syed Ata Ur Rehman, Wing Commander Waseem Mushtaq, Wing Commander Nasim Abbas, Wing Commander Mohammad Asim Rana, Wing Commander Khalid Bin Zabih, Wing Commander Raja Imran Asghar, Wing Commander Mehr Yar Saqib Niazi, Wing Commander Liaquat Ali Khan, Wing Commander Mohammad Ali, Wing Commander Usman Ali Khan Burki, Wing Commander Farhan Ahmad, Wing Commander Mohammad Saeed, Wing Commander Mohammad Shahbaz Ashraf.