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According to Pasteels (1949a), placement of Distega in the Blennocampinae is not necessarily correct, because he sporadically found specimens of different species with variable reduction of the fore wing veins 2A+3A.
These cicadas are easily identifiable by their striking black bodies, red eyes and red wing veins.
4 mm, n = 12), elongate, brownish gray, termen sharply oblique, apex obtuse; subbasal line fuscous, notched medially; medial area of costa broadly fuscous, narrowed posteriorly, forming triangular patch; a patch of raised, dark brown scales at the apex of the inverted-triangular, fuscous, medial area; subterminal line fuscous, notched medially; erect scales of small dark brown dots scattered along wing veins on the upper side; fringes dark yellowish gray.