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Furthermore, the wing is flat and has many morphological landmarks at the points where the wing veins intersect or meet the wing margin and is fairly distinctive and an important character for classification and identification of species which could help in the proper management and control of pest infestation [30].
According to Pasteels (1949a), placement of Distega in the Blennocampinae is not necessarily correct, because he sporadically found specimens of different species with variable reduction of the fore wing veins 2A+3A.
The imagines are characterized by the following character combination: Antenna with 13 clavola; wing vein R2+3 present, without setae in wing veins, squama with11-13 long setae; mid and hind tibia with two tibial spurs; mid and hind legs with 2 pseudospurs on ta1, ta2 and ta3; length of ta4 shorter than ta5 in all legs; inferior volsella trapeziform, with numerous microtrichiae and 18-25 apical weak setae.
921) on the two putative general size measures (the wing vein lengths) used in the partial correlation analysis.
with a magnifying glass for the blood to rush through their wing veins.