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Wingers are players that can still get the mick taken out of them by team-mates - the line about them being an extra touch-judge with muscles still goes around.
I've played against him and feel he is one of the best wingers in the division, so I'm delighted to get him into the club and looking forward to working with him.
I remember this because, although my dad thought Eddie a great winger, he always qualified his praise by adding that his shorts were too short.
United have had some great wingers on their books over the decades.
In the Atletico squad, Ferreira Carrasco will take the place of Turkish winger Arda Turan, who was sold to Barcelona this week.
Then on 34 minutes the other winger, Dave Morgan, broke through the midlfield defence to score under the posts, with Hall adding the extras.
No, your mercurial winger turns it on when you least expect it and exasperates you when you think he will have his fullback on toast - their level of performance varies more wildly than the other members of the team.
With interest from some of the biggest clubs in England, Orient will be aware that it will be difficult to keep hold of their young winger.
Myself and Cristiano Ronaldo make up two of the best wingers in the world and statistics show that.
He redefined wing-play and, with Theo Walcott so hit and miss these days, it's no wonder some fans long for a winger who can consistently deliver.
Oxlade-Chamberlain is the son of former England, Stoke City, Sheffield Wednesday and Portsmouth winger Mark Chamberlain.
He finds a lot of space and because he has that all-round game it's very difficult for a winger to defend it as you don't know whether he's going to put it long over your head.