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Although winless in 2014, 13-time winner Kyle Miller will be looking for his fourth consecutive Wingless Nationals victory at Cottage Grove.
The earthbound bird made for an oddly fitting omen since the Rolling Stones guitarist happened to be on the phone to talk about the second release from his sporadic Jamaican passion project, Wingless Angels.
The adults are wingless and thus pose an interesting question concerning their occurrence on the island.
Wingless flies; wasps' nests in bowler hats--every branch of knowledge that this great 'cathedral to nature' contains is covered, in a book that qualifies as a treasure itself.
1 : a wingless animal that is somewhat like an insect but has eight legs instead of six and a body divided into two parts instead of three and that often spins threads of silk into webs for catching prey
Ladybug larvae (LAR-vee, the early stage of development when insects are wingless and worm-shaped) look like spiny black alligators.
The wingless UAV has already seen action in Iraq with the Army, according to Honeywell, and was developed under a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency program.
They fly off to a new food source and again produce wingless offspring.
He played for a team who have been remembered ever since as the Wingless Wonders.
Whilst the pheromone is clearly useful to the species when they are in their winged mature state, its impact on adolescent wingless 'hopper' locusts makes them vulnerable, says the International Centre for Insect Physiology and Ecology (ICIPE), in Nairobi.