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The proportion of concealed versus exposed prey items and winged and wingless prey items were calculated for both Reed Parrotbills and Oriental Reed Warblers.
With two such luminaries weighing in, it's shocking that some 20 years passed before someone--in this case, Richards' cohort Rob Fraboni--"turned up at the door with the recording trucks" and began putting down the tracks that became the 1997 Wingless Angels LP on Mindless records.
The wingless UAV has already seen action in Iraq with the Army, according to Honeywell, and was developed under a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency program.
There's this colony of wingless -- and therefore powerless -- seraphim guarded over by protection-minded leader Logos (played by Dan Callaway).
They fly off to a new food source and again produce wingless offspring.
He played for a team who have been remembered ever since as the Wingless Wonders.
Whilst the pheromone is clearly useful to the species when they are in their winged mature state, its impact on adolescent wingless 'hopper' locusts makes them vulnerable, says the International Centre for Insect Physiology and Ecology (ICIPE), in Nairobi.
Presented in dramatic and superbly crafted productions, The Catherine Cookson Collection: Set One is a four disc DVD collection of film adaptations from Cookson's four powerful novels: The Wingless Bird which is an interesting tale of three eccentric families during a period in which war is nearing, all intertwined with the daughter of a shopkeeper who is hard set on making for herself a better life.
One day, he falls in love with Sisi, a beautiful winged girl, but, alas, their love is doomed because he is wingless.
The Lifting Body program grew out of Reed's confidence that a wingless, low lift-to-drag craft could serve as an orbiting vehicle equipped to re-enter earth's atmosphere and land safely.
Reed, a model builder and private pilot, was intrigued with the idea of a lifting body vehicle, essentially a wingless aircraft that flies from the lift generated by the flat bottom shape of its fuselage.