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But having said that, the Vase is a winnable competition and we are looking at it from that point of view.
In many cases seats have been made winnable by the hard work of sitting councillors, who have built up support over years.
They were supposed to talk to grass- root workers, professionals, NGOs and so on to shortlist the winnable candidates.
They will see it as a winnable tie and so will we," said Robinson.
In terms of Christmas, I think the games we have are winnable," he said, referring to the trip to Stoke and the visit of Arsenal that follows.
Before the Reading game I identified the next couple of fixtures as winnable and a way to pick up points before some very difficult games arrive next month.
He has realised this championship is winnable and I think he is in a good place," the Daily Mirror quoted Whitmarsh, as saying.
Big performances in big games haven't always been maintained in seemingly more winnable matches.
THE commander of British forces in Afghanistan visited troops there yesterday and insisted: "This war is winnable.
All three, plus the winnable new seat of Aberconwy, have male Tory candidates, but the next tranche of target seats - Delyn, Brecon and Radnorshire, Bridgend and Cardiff West - are being fought by women.
Based on some initial reporting that I have seen of General McChrystal's report,he says the situation is quite serious but the war is indeed winnable," White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said.